about mother & home

Welcome to mother & home, a Catholic motherhood collective founded by Stephanie Weinert. We offer Catholic mothers a place of retreat, refreshment, and community in a private setting that’s not on social media. Through virtual retreats and courses, fellowship in a members-only community, and collaborative writing in print and online, our vision is to help women grow in their relationship with Christ and inspire them in the value and worthiness of their vocation.

about stephanie

Stephanie Weinert is a Catholic wife, mother, writer, and media personality. She served as a radio host for the EWTN Global Catholic Network before becoming a stay-at-home mom. A convert to Catholicism, Stephanie is passionate about sharing her love for Scripture study with a Catholic audience. She has spoken nationally and internationally on topics related to faith, family life, homeschooling, motherhood, and the suffering path to salvation.

inspired by beckett

Stephanie and her husband Peter share openly about their youngest son, Beckett, who was born in 2019 with a surprise diagnosis of Down Syndrome and a serious heart defect. Beckett’s short life of 18 months changed the Weinert family forever, along with thousands around the world who followed Beckett’s story. In many ways mother & home is founded in Beckett’s honor. Caring for a special needs child and walking through grief and child loss helped Stephanie see motherhood and the Catholic home through a new (eternal) lens.

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The mother & home community is a private members-only platform that’s not on social media. We offer mothers a place to share ideas, recipes, prayer requests, and engage in our weekly conversation prompts. Our members receive a monthly online journal packed with information to support their vocation and their home. We also offer monthly courses, Bible studies, and opportunities for live fellowship. We hope you come join us! 

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