a wellness course for moms

Join mother & home founder Stephanie Weinert and her dear friend and wellness coach Betsy Hoyt, founder of The Integrated Catholic Woman, for LIVE and MOVE: a six week summer wellness series designed specifically for Catholic mothers. This course offers a whole-person approach to wellness, firmly rooted in prayer, virtue, and the teachings of the Catholic Church. You will learn what it means to be an "integrated Catholic woman", and you'll receive the tools, training, and accountability you need to start implementing small changes that will produce a big impact in your life. The course is designed for all mothers, at all stages of the journey from mamas to be, to mothers with children long grown and out of the home. 


What's included in our six week summer wellness course (June 6 - July 16): 

6 Weeks of Monday Motivation
Stephanie Weinert will kick off each week with a video meditation on suffering and surrender in motherhood and healing in Christ. These brief Monday video courses will set the spiritual tone for each week of LIVE and MOVE.

6 Weeks of ZOOM Wellness Coaching (Live or Later)
Your LIVE and MOVE instructor is Betsy Hoyt, founder of The Integrated Catholic Woman, a Pietra Fitness Master Instructor, certified nutritionist, personal trainer, NFP instructor, and Catholic retreat leader. Betsy will teach on integrated living, authentic Catholic wholeness, stress management, sleep, rest, recovery, appropriate nutrition, and meaningful movement. Betsy's trainings will be tailored specifically to a mother's body, mind, and spirit, with a "small steps" action plan for body/mind/spirit growth each week. 

6 Weeks of ZOOM Coffee & Book Club (Live or Later)
Join Stephanie Weinert and special guests for Saturday morning coffee and book study. We'll discuss the feminine gifts (receptivity, sensitivity, compassion, beauty, and generosity) and their practical application for mothers based on A Manual for Women by Danielle Bean (TAN). 

Customized "Movement for Moms" (10 min/day)
Appropriate movement for a mother's body is a vital component in her wholeness journey. Betsy Hoyt, a certified personal trainer and Pietra Fitness Master Instructor, has designed a movement plan just for the mother & home community. This discipline will be the perfect way to kick off summer mornings for busy moms.

while supplies last Wellness Gift Set for Moms
Course members will receive an exclusive wellness gift set in the mail that includes the leatherbound book Manual for Women by Danielle Bean (TAN), a "Peaceful Mama" spa gift set, a Litany of Trust booklet, and a waterproof Marian decal designed by Worthy of Agape for your summer water bottle/tumbler. This gift set is only available to early bird registrants while supplies last. 

Pietra Fitness Mega Coupon  
Your LIVE and MOVE registration includes a crazy amazing discount coupon on a membership to Pietra Fitness (an incredible savings!). By combining stretching and strengthening exercises with Christian prayer and meditation, Pietra Fitness is an ideal spiritual and physical workout for moms. 

Lifetime Membership to Our Community
Our members-only community is a platform off social media where mothers will find friendship, fellowship, and support.

Exclusive Spotify Playlist 
Your exclusive LIVE and MOVE Spotify Playlist is curated with songs and meditations that inspire healing and holiness for mothers. 

Coupons for Catholic Moms  
We have partnered with several of the best Catholic companies to offer exclusive coupon codes to our members. We're thrilled to offer these coupons particularly to Catholic health and wellness companies.


Summer Course Outline for LIVE and MOVE: (June 6 - July 16)

Mondays 9:00am EDT   -   Tuesdays (live) 9:00PM EDT   -   Saturdays (live) 9:00am EDT


6/6: Monday Meditation Video

6/7: Live Training with Betsy. "What does it mean to be an integrated Catholic woman? The Three Pillars of Wholeness" (9pm EDT)

6/11: Live Coffee Club with Steph. Topic: "Being the Woman God Made You To Be"



6/13: Monday Meditation Video

6/14: Live Training at 9pm . "Stress Management & Recovery"

6/18: Live Coffee Club with Steph. "Feminine Gift of Receptivity"



6/20: Monday Meditation Video

6/21: Live Training with Betsy "Sleep, Rest, & Recovery"

6/25: Live Coffee Club with Steph. "Feminine Gift of Sensitivity" 



6/27: Monday Meditation Video

6/28: Live Training with Betsy "Appropriate Nutrition Part 1"

7/2: Live Coffee Club with Steph "Feminine Gift of Compassion"



7/4: Monday Meditation Video

7/5: Live Training with Betsy "Appropriate Nutrition Part 2"

7/9: Live Coffee Club with Steph "Feminine Gift of Beauty"



7/11: Monday Meditation Video

7/12: Live Training with Betsy "Meaningful Movement for Moms"

7/16: Live Coffee Club with Steph "Feminine Gift of Generosity"




Things to Know:

Enrollment in our six week wellness course LIVE and MOVE is $249, and includes all course offerings plus our exclusive Wellness Gift Set* in the mail which includes the leatherbound A Manual for Women by Danielle Bean. *while supplies last.

Please note: the LIVE and MOVE course contains both pre-recorded and live trainings. However, all videos and course materials will be available to participants all summer. We know summertime can be a busy season for moms: we hope this course will help you kick off a season of wellness for yourself that will translate into longterm healing for your entire family. If you need to miss a session, no need to worry, just catch up when you can!