Hey there, Beautiful Mama,

Have you ever wished for a community of friends of all ages and stages in the motherhood journey -- to learn from, grow with, laugh and cry hard, and just do life together? We have too. So here's our heartfelt welcome! You just found more than a mom's group. You've found your sisterhood. 


faq's about m&h membership:

Is m&h for mothers of all ages?
Yes! We've designed our content and community to serve all mothers. No matter your stage in the journey, there's a place here for you.

How often is my membership billed?
Monthly memberships are billed each month on the date of enrollment, and annual membership is billed on the one year date from enrollment. 

If I choose the monthly plan, can I upgrade to annual later? 
Absolutely! Our annual members receive 2 months free ($17.98 value), plus a welcome gift that includes Sarah Christmeyer's book Becoming Women of the Word, a Litany of Trust booklet, and more ($24.70 value, while supplies last). 

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes! Monthly members may cancel at any time and their membership will end the day before their next billing month. Annual members may cancel any time and their membership will end on the last day of their one-year membership. 

If I'm already a member of the m&h community, do I still need to join? 
Current members do not need to register for basic membership, but we strongly encourage you to consider our premium level! Only premium members have access to our monthly courses, First Saturday gatherings, and other perks. 

I'm a singe mom, can I still join?
Welcome! We pray this community is a haven of support for you. 

I'm married but don't have children, can I still join?
Of course! While our ministry primarily supports women mothering children in the home, all women are welcome. 

I'm not Catholic, can I still join?
Welcome! Our content is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and our mission is to support mothers in their faith journey. We welcome mothers of all denominations and faiths and ask for respectfulness of our deeply Catholic culture. 


Your Gift with Annual Membership

Select the premium+ membership plan with our special launch rate and we will send you a FREE copy of our 2022/23 Bible study book: Becoming Women of the Word, by Sarah Christmyer. Together we will study the lives of Eve, Sarah, Leah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Esther, and Judith, and discover how the work of grace God did in the lives of these biblical women applies to our lives as modern mothers. Don't miss this incredible study time with live teaching by Sarah Christmeyer! (For those who do not choose premium+ membership with your free copy, the book can be purchased through Ave Maria Press). 

What members are saying about mother & home events:

“Your retreat was just what I needed in this season of motherhood. It was also one of the best retreats I’ve done in a very long time. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this and I’m so grateful.” - Darlene


 “I seriously cannot express my gratitude. What an amazing experience.” - Kelly


"This was absolutely beautiful, powerful and just what God wanted me to hear." - Dorothea


“Mother & home transformed my heart in ways I didn’t know I needed it transformed.” - Iliana


“It’s like God put these women in front of me because he knew exactly what I needed.” - Sarah


"My family 1000000% needed me to do your retreat. I feel so refreshed and motivated." - Amanda


"I don’t have the words to describe how impactful this has been." - Kitty


“What a wonderfully deep carving out of my heart for the Lord. Something I have needed for quite some time now. Thank you for re-igniting the fire in me to pursue God with my whole heart, mind, body, and soul.” - Yvette


"This was absolutely wonderful. I feel as though I have a plan now for how to go forward." - Suzie


"I feel very blessed to have this material and all of you women who are so supportive!" - Johannah