Are you ready to grow in wisdom and healthy habits this January?

Join Stephanie Weinert and our beautiful community of women for a January growth and accountability sisterhood (completely FREE - our New Year's gift to you!). ThirtyOne is designed for busy mothers seeking to grow in wisdom, holiness, and wholeness in the new year. We invite you to choose from three “tracks” to find the accountability small group that best fits your needs and goals. ThirtyOne is the motivation and community you need to pursue God’s desire for you to be happy, healthy, and holy. Let’s get started together on New Year’s Day


What's included in your ThirtyOne package?

FREE Access to our January Course + Groups
We invite you to choose from three “tracks” in our January ThirtyOne challenge. Choose either the 1) Chapter a Day Challenge: reading one chapter of Proverbs daily for the month, (2) our Morning Routine Challenge invites you to do something spiritual, physical, mental and nourishing every morning, and (3) our 31 Day Sisterhood is a challenge to do four specific things to help you pursue health and holiness every day for thirty-one days. You pick the track that best suits your needs and goals, and our mother & home community will hold you accountable and cheer you on.

FREE January Worksheets, Calendars and Habit Trackers 
We’ve curated beautiful printable calendars, habit trackers, and worksheets to help you stay on track with your January goals.

FREE Membership to Our Community
Guests who join our January accountability group will receive access to the m&h online community. Our members-only community is a platform off social media where mothers will find friendship, fellowship, and support.

FREE Spotify Playlists Curated Just for You
Our members will receive two Spotify playlists curated by Stephanie Weinert exclusively for the January challenge: one is a professional reading of Proverbs with soothing background music; the second is a playlist of scripture memory songs so you can memorize verses from Proverbs as you go about your day.

Register for mother & home's "Basic" (Free) membership and you'll be granted instant access to our ThirtyOne Course. 


What members are saying about mother & home events:

“Your Retreat was just what I needed in this season of motherhood. It was also one of the best retreats I’ve done in a very long time. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this and I’m so grateful.” - DARLENE

 “I seriously cannot express my gratitude. What an amazing experience.” - KELLY

"This was absolutely beautiful, powerful and just what God wanted me to hear." - DOROTHEA

“Mother & home transformed my heart in ways I didn’t know I needed it transformed.” - ILIANA

“It’s like God put these women in front of me because he knew exactly what I needed.” - SARAH

"My family 1000000% needed me to do your retreat. I feel so refreshed and motivated." - AMANDA

"I don’t have the words to describe how impactful this has been." - K.I.

“What a wonderfully deep carving out of my heart for the Lord. Something I have needed for quite some time now. Thank you for re-igniting the fire in me to pursue God with my whole heart, mind, body, and soul.” - YVETTE

"This was absolutely wonderful. I feel as though I have a plan now for how to go forward." - SUZIE

"I feel very blessed to have this material and all of you women who are so supportive!" - JOHANNAH