frequently asked questions

Who is mother & home for? 

YOU! While our specific audience is Catholic mothers in the early and middle years of raising children, the mother & home retreats and community are open to all mothers of all faith backgrounds, ages, and circumstances. 


Can I participate if I don’t have children? 

OF COURSE! We realize that each woman's story is unique and beautiful, and we believe God calls women to motherhood in many ways. While our community exists to primarily support women mothering children in the home, all women are welcome here. 


What if I’m a single mom? 

WELCOME! We pray this community is a haven of support for you. 


Is mother & home only for stay at home moms?

NO WAY! Our mission is to serve the hearts of all mothers, whether they are full time at home or also full time in other work.


How can I help spread the mother & home mission? 

THANK YOU! We are so grateful for your help spreading the word about our IG, website, and retreats! Your tags and shares mean the world to us. 


More questions? 

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